Hunters Conserve Wildlife Debate

“Hunters Conserve Wildlife” Debate

The post-intelligence squared debate, 4 May 2016 post-debate result is in: “Declared Winner: Against The Motion” – ‘Hunters do not conserve wildlife‘ – 65% of the debate audience agreed. It should be noted, that the “Online Voting” pre-debate poll (far right in the figure above) was subject to a flaw upon internet browser refresh (not openly…

PIC FROM CATERS NEWS: (PICTURED: Columbus, the lion, taking a stroll through the streets of Johannesburg. ) - Please paws when you reach the lights! While they usually roam the plains of Africa, it appeared that one lion wanted to take a city break. The wild cat was spotted strolling through the streets of Johannesburg, South Africa, and although it was a disconcerting sight, locals were swiftly reassured the situation was under control. The lion, named Columbus, was in fact starring in a local film production and had been borrowed from a nearby lion park, although the film company failed to notify the authorities. According to the Johannesburg Roads Agency, the filming had not been cleared and the film company took a risk by releasing the lion into the city, without previously getting approval to close several roads. SEE CATERS COPY.

Lion Walks Around City Centre Like a BOSS

Columbus the lion was spotted walking around the city centre of Johannesburg, South Africa. Unlike other lions, this lion was part of a local production… but the film studio forgot to inform the authorities. Without prior notice and road closures, people were scared like sh!t when they saw a lion walking past cars. The streets were…


Being a Dog Lover vs Dog Parent

Being a dog lover is totally different from being a dog parent. Just because you love dogs, there are many reasons why you may not have a dog right now from financial causes to your landlord not allowing you to own a pet. Here’s a funny comparison comic by Kelly Angel. Word from our Sponsors A round…

huntress smack

Annoying Trophy Huntress Had Face SMACKED by Gun Recoil

This is why guns should be banned. You have these people with no experience in handling guns shooting guns. Up next: This Guy Sold EVERYTHING He Had And Moved to Zimbabwe To Protect Endangered Animals Sponsored: Poachers HATE this Tshirt. Buy one today to piss a poacher Top 5 countries where support for Cecil the Lion is Strong

snowboarding crow

INCREDIBLE- Crow Learns to SNOWBOARD Off A Rooftop

While you’re enjoying the snow, know that animals love the snow as well. Here’s a video of a crow snowboarding on a rooftop. Word from our Sponsors All I care About Are Elephants Hoodie (or phone case) My Heart Belongs to A lion Hoodie (or phone case) All I care About Are Bears Hoodie (or phone case) Up next: This…