baby fox in drain

Happy Story- Baby Fox Rescued From Drain While Mother Fox Was Waits

From England comes the heartwarming story of the rescue of a baby fox cub by rescue ambulance services and the cub’s reunion with his loving mother!
In a world full of inhumane barbarism towards animals there is still a glimmer of humanity in our species as emphasized by ambulance services devoting their time and recourses to rescue a baby fox…


International Wildlife Bond (IWB) Launched!

After plenty of preparation, IWB’s Website went live earlier today (3 September 2015)! IWB Website. In the wake of Cecil’s loss to the world (plus those before him and regrettably, those still at threat), IWB is intended as a new ‘digital’ approach to animal welfare action and campaigning. IWB aims to assist anti-Poaching efforts, plus advancing anti-Trophy Hunting and anti-‘Canned’ Hunting campaigns.…

rhino closeup

Rhino + Fitbit + GPS + Camera = Cyborg Rhinos

What happens when you strap a GPS, a Fitbit and a camera to a rhino? you have a cyborg rhino that can alert the rangers when the rhino is being poached. These guys are developing the RAPID Rhino response/rescue initiative where rhinos are receive a microdevice through a painless procedure. The microdevice has a camera, GPS and fitbit like device…