Action Team

This page is for those who are serious about being in for the long haul. None of those bandwagoners. If you consider yourself as an alpha lion or lioness whos in it for the LONG HAUL we WANT you to be a regional champion in your city.

Dr Palmer reopened up his office after 2 weeks of protesting and has made tweets and comments about how things are back to normal. We are going to prove him wrong by doing a global day of action to march against trophy hunting.

Here’s the invite for you to be a regular writer/contributor on this blog. Tips on how to get started:
1- Identify your passion (eg. Elephants)
2- CLAIM/OWN that NICHE (Be the Elephant Guy/Gal on
3- Do research and Share news, videos, drawings, poems and facts (eg. elephant infographics and videos)

Ready to join Cecil’s Pride as an Alpha Lion/lioness? email


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