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Top Tributes For Cecil The Lion

Thank you all for your support for Cecil the Lion. We’ve made a shout out for artwork for Cecil and you have sent us a lot of creative tributes for Cecil the lion that was killed by murdering dentist Walter Palmer. From Cecil Bread to a concert dedicated to Cecil the Lion. I bet Cecil’s smiling from…

Alexandra Spargo

The Awakening – Community Poetry Project

The Awakening  (A tribute to Cecil the lion) A noble soul departs this world, Its spirit free, with wings unfurled. Soars up on high to heaven above, There bathed in joy and endless love. And from that place, the scene below Of blood and severed head on show, Makes Angels weep and turn away `Til…

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Top 5 Cecil the Lion Tribute Songs

Our google geeks have been searching day and night for Cecil tribute songs. Here are 5 of the songs we’ve found so far. We would love to see more songs about Cecil on YouTube and invite all musically talented animal lovers to compose some songs for us. Tell us which one is your favourite!